bug off

bug off
\\¦bəgˈȯf, also -äf\ intransitive verb
Etymology: short for bugger (II)
: to go away : leave — usually used as a command

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ˌbug ˈoff [intransitive] [present tense I/you/we/they bug off he/she/it bugs off present participle bugging off past tense bugged off past participle bugged off] american impolite phrasal verb
used for telling someone rudely to go away
Thesaurus: ways of telling someone to go awaysynonym
Main entry: bug

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informal go away

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bug off [phrasal verb]
US informal : to go away
— used in speech as a rude or angry way to tell someone to leave you alone and to stop bothering you

She angrily told him to bug off.

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Main Entry:bug

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